LĀU / Minimal Design for synthesis lovers

LĀU is a made in Italy Women's top brand founded in 2011 in Italy. The love for geometry and art in all its expressions has driven LĀU to create aunique and recognizable style through the power of synthesis. Irony, bold colors and oversized silouhettes define a comfy style combined with trompe l'oeil details and hints of a sporty elegance.

Along with seasonal collections, LĀU also collaborates with international artists and creatives to create limited editions thatwill never bore you.

LĀU is a project by Lisa Anderlini, an Italian designer with an eclectic background: a Master of Science in Architecture, the love for Art and Design, her personal interest with the surreal world of maths: different experiences related to the quest for finding shape, material, and synthesis. The travels and dreams also provide inspiration for LĀU, a metaphysical place where Lisa’s watchword,”strength, elegance and spirit”, are described through abstract, dreamlike and timeless realities.







818-0118 Fukuoka, Daizafu, Ishizaka, 1 Chome-2-24

6-2|6 Kitahorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 550-0014, Japan

Kumamoto city higashiku onoue 1-12-8

LĀU Showroom Corner / by appointment only, Rome
info/appointment: info@lauclothing.com
or direct -> facebook/instagram

KOLATA DESIGN, via del Pigneto 150b, Rome

O-RAMA, via del Quadraro 12, Rome