"My work focuses on clean shapes and vivid color ranges to create dynamic compositions. My main motivation is to paint my works with color to convey a positive message in a complex world and to develop a parallel universe which exists in my utopia.

This universe is full of symbolism that speaks of human progress, the empowerment of women, good and evil as unity and is focused on nature as the only truth and the passage of time as the inevitable consequence of individual and collective existence.

I value abstract art but sometimes I have figurative tics, although this varies according to the message I want to create and my mood. Usually my work is pictorial: acrylic on canvas, however I also create works on paper or wood that serve as a previous essay. I like to work with cardboard; cutting and composing freely has led me to transfer this emotion to the brushstroke, looking for similar finishes and defining my style.

Another kind of experimentation and sustained yield that excites me is the reuse of objects abandoned or discarded by society. These objects are found or rescued,and through various interventions, both compositional and plastic/chromatic, I turn them into new objects that are part of my universe. These interventions change the sense of the object and through artistic photography I can immortalize them, so that they have a second chance. For the human eye, these objects become visually attractive again, which makes me reflect on the need and reason for this process of change.

For me color is a very important base: its intensity, saturation, different shades, and combinations... When I face a painting, the chromatic choice is fundamental, since I believe that those canvasses must convey a message of energy and vitality."

Photography StudioAira, Model Sibilla at Euphoria Agency, Mua/Hair Camilla Iacobitti